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Are you a parent yourself?

Have you recently adopted or fostered a baby under 2? 

Are you close to someone who you think may need help?

Being a parent isn't easy.  We know that the transition to parenthood can affect different people in different ways. We understand that the time from conception to age 2 can be particularly tough, but that this time is key to set the babies up for a positive experience of life. The good news is we are here to offer some help and support to try to make it easier for you and your baby.

Our clinical team are specialists in parent-infant work. We focus on the relationship between parent and baby, observing the interaction to encourage the development of a strong and loving attachment. Sometimes just having someone to talk to about how you are feeling can make a huge impact.

Parents get in touch for a variety of reasons which may include, post natal depression, a baby that struggles to sleep or feed, anxieties about parenthood or a difficult birth experience. There may also be issues from the parent's past or from the transition to parenthood which affects the relationships now they are parents themselves.

You may find that many of the experiences you have will be the same as other parents, but people find it helpful to come and have some sessions. Not only for their wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of their baby too.


Sound familiar? You are welcome to contact us.

Accessing our help can be done either by referring yourself via our online form or contacting the office, or speaking to your midwife, health visitor or GP about getting in touch. By sending in a referral you are initiating an enquiry, not signing up to anything.

When we have received your details we will get in touch with you to see how we can help you. This will allow us to put you in touch with one of our clinicians who will then offer you a series of sessions to attend. They will work with you through a variety of ways to help you to improve your relationship with your baby. 

Some examples of what we offer:

  • Parent and baby sessions: working with one of our clinicians to explore current feelings and influences of past and present relationship issues.

  • Baby massage and therapeutic touch groups: supporting the development of a positive non-verbal relationship between the parent and baby. 

  • Watch, Wait and Wonder sessions: following the baby's lead, the parent can gain a greater understanding of what might be in their baby's mind.

  • Video Interaction Guidance: using video to help parents build confidence to interact with and understand their baby.

We have a number of free programmes dependent on where you live in Oxfordshire as well as your individual circumstances. As a charity we do our best to help you whatever your circumstances so if money is difficult, please do call us to discuss.


If you are not sure if you are eligible for our help or ready to engage, or if you have any questions big or small, please do not hesitate to get in touch - it's good to talk.

"I have really appreciated the chance to talk through all that happened during the baby’s birth and the time in hospital (he came 12 weeks early). Just being listened to and affirmed makes such a huge difference and talking things out has helped me to process everything.
Thank you very much!"

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