What does OXPIP do?​

OXPIP provides specialist therapeutic support, from conception to 2 years, for infants and parents who need assistance to establish and build close and nurturing relationships. Relationships are at the heart of our lives - but they are not always simple or happy. Research tells us that early experiences and damaged relationships can have lifelong consequences. We support families by working with parents and infant together, to build on the positive, to boost parental confidence, and help the parents be led by the needs of the baby.


We also work with professionals, policy makers and the general public to build awareness, support and services for parent-infant attachment, infant mental health and peri-natal mental health.


OXPIP’s vision is to contribute to a more responsible and empathetic society through an intensive focus on positive early relationships and emotional wellbeing.

We aim to:

  • Enable positive early relationships though direct parent-infant psychotherapy and related therapeutic interventions.
  • Increase the number of trained parent infant psychotherapists. 

  • Develop early years’ practitioners’ understanding of parent-infant relationship difficulties, increasing practitioners’ capacity to both recognise issues and to provide appropriate support. 

  • Raise awareness of early intervention and attachment and to influence policy and service development around these issues at both local and national level.

OXPIP was founded over 20 years ago, and serves Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. In 2016/17 we provided support to approximately 400 families.

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