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OXPIP and the COVID-19 outbreak

In light of the current Covid-19 outbreak, we at OXPIP are closely monitoring the situation in line with government guidelines. 


Our clinical team continues to work with parents and babies, presenting with a wide range of needs. We have been particularly struck by them ongoing impact of COVID-19 on families and how this has frequently left parents feeling isolated, sometimes traumatised by the experience of becoming parents during a pandemic when the normal supports are not available. The impact of parental isolation and trauma on the baby cannot be underestimated. Supporting a healthy and loving parent-infant relationship - one which acknowledges the difficult and painful feelings that parenting can stir up - is central to our therapeutic approach. Plans are in place to return to more face-to-face work where possible, although we will retain a blended approach of online and face-to-face working so as to maximise families' access to our service.


We have put together some ideas for parents to take emotional care of themselves, babies and toddlers during this time - please click here to download.

Other organisations also have produced some fantastic resources or made their services available online:



Parents get in touch for a variety of reasons which may include post-natal depression, a baby that struggles to sleep or feed, anxieties about parenthood or a difficult birth experience. There may also be issues from the parent's past or from the transition to parenthood which affects the relationships now they are parents themselves. As well as these reasons, we are currently seeing any parent in Oxfordshire with a child under 2, who may need therapeutic support, including those impacted by a loss of a close family member, as a result of Covid-19 for example. If you wish to make a referral please continue to do so via our website, or call 01865 778034. Due to remote working, referrals should not be sent by post.



Your therapist will contact you to make arrangements for face-to-face or online sessions or telephone consultations, depending on what you feel most comfortable with. Your therapist will talk you through our guidelines for both face-to-face and online working to ensure that you feel comfortable with whichever method you have chosen, and will review this regularly with you.


Click here to download our guidance on 'Face-to-Face Therapy during COVID-19 - May 2021' 

Click here to download our leaflet on 'Preparing for Online Therapy - May 2021'.


If for any reason you cannot get hold of your therapist please contact Helen, our Clinical Director on 07934 517 400. This will be reviewed regularly and we will do our best to keep you informed.


Please note we are not an emergency service, so if you are concerned in the first instance, please contact your GP.



All OXPIP face-to-face training has currently been suspended. While face-to-face is our preferred method of teaching, we have moved some of our training online - which is really exciting! Please visit the training section of our website for more details. Please note: due to the content of our training, not all of our courses will be able to be delivered online. If you would like to register your interest in a course, please email so we can keep you updated.


Please check here for the latest update.

Updated: August 2021

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