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Parent-Infant Groups

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Making a secure and strong relationship with your baby amid the many pressures and stresses of becoming a parent can be a difficult task.


OXPIP groups provide a place where we can focus on your relationship with your baby.


We create opportunities to help you get to know your baby better, for you to understand what they are telling you through both verbal and non verbal communication, in order that you can better respond to their needs.


In the groups we use different ways to support these relationships:

  • Baby Watching - being in the moment with your baby, wondering what your baby may be communicating, thinking , feeling and exploring how to respond and communicate with your baby
  • Baby Massage - gives you, as a parent, the opportunity to spend focused time with your baby through positive touch, singing nursery rhymes and playful interaction.
  • Singing


Giving babies the experience of being heard, understood and responded to sensitively is crucial for their wellbeing, both now and in the future.


Our groups can help parents:

  • Get to know other parents with young babies
  • Share their new experiences
  • Learn a wonderful new skill that they can share with their baby
  • Have a break from their daily routine


We are currently running the following groups:

  • Parent-Infant Group with Baby Massage - download leaflet here
  • Banbury Parent-Infant Group with Baby Watching (OXPIP and The Sunshine Centre) - download leaflet here
  • Rose Hill and Blackbird Leys Antenatal Zoom Group - download leaflet here
  • Saplings Antenatal Groups -  we work with antenatal groups where vulnerable mothers receive their healthcare in groups, supported and facilitated by an OXPIP Therapist, in liaison with a Midwife. OXPIP currently support two Saplings projects: in Banbury and Oxford City. 

Please contact us for more information.

Group Quotes

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