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Emotional Regulation in Pregnancy

This one-day training is suitable for midwives, health visitors and all those working with pregnancy and in early intervention settings.


Kidlington, Oxford


In recent years, it has been recognised that it is just as important to support a mother’s emotional well-being during pregnancy as it is to focus on the physical health of the mother and unborn child. Increasing evidence about early brain development has highlighted the particular importance of a mother building a bond with the unborn baby. A mother’s capacity to regulate her own emotions during this period is therefore central. This is true for all families, but is especially true for high risk and disadvantaged families.



This one-day training is suitable for midwives, health visitors, Children’s Centre workers and all those working with pregnancy and in early intervention settings. Conception, pregnancy and the birth of a new baby stir up powerful, sometimes previously hidden feelings, as mothers, fathers and families imagine their new lives and relationships with the baby-to-be. The anticipated baby will be shaped by experiences from a parent's own childhood as well as their cultural, religious or community beliefs about children and families. As the baby grows in the mother’s womb so the space for a new baby grows in her mind - in how she imagines her child, her life with a baby, and herself as a mother.


In this one day training we explore some of these issues from a psychodynamic perspective, and how they may impact upon mother, father, baby and extended family. We also offer some thinking about how to support parents in this changing, challenging, and exciting time. OXPIP have been key partners in developing training for NSPCC practitioners with the national Pregnancy in Mind initiative.


All OXPIP training is APPCIOS endorsed and contributes towards APPCIOS accreditation. APPCIOS (The Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings), is a member organisation of the British Psychoanalytic Council.


Learning outcomes at the end of the training:

Participants will be:

  • more aware of the challenges for expectant parents and of the physical, physiological & psychological changes involved in the transition to parenthood
  • able to help parents focus not just on labour, but think about their emotional responses and anxieties linked with it, and to the first 3 months of their baby’s life
  • able to help parents focus on the child within and develop empathy for him/her
  • able to identify mild, moderate and severe mental health issues and appropriate referral pathways
  • able to provide simple tools to support expectant parents’ emotional regulation


"I found sharing knowledge and experience with other practitioners most useful. I found all the content very reassuring for my own practice. I enjoyed the inclusion of practical activities." - Course Participant


To register your interest in this training and be notified when a date is set, please email or call us on 01865 778034.


All information taken for bookings will only be used to inform the course and to contact you with course details.   


Please note, as of 1st April 2020 our costings have been revised. 

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