"Because being a parent isn't easy"

OXPIP helps parents to make loving and secure bonds with their babies, and helps them overcome the challenges that many parents face.

Making a secure and strong relationship with your baby can be a difficult task. Complications can arise for anyone, no matter their background or circumstances. The good news is that if these issues are addressed early in a baby's life, then family relationships can be greatly improved.

OXPIP is one of the pioneers of parent-infant psychotherapy. We work with babies up to the age of two and their parents, normally the mother, but we have worked with many fathers as well.

At the moment OXPIP supports parents in Oxfordshire, but we are seeking to expand into neighbouring areas. We have a partner organisation, NORPIP, in Northamptonshire and are one of the founder members of PIP UK who are working to expand Parent Infant services throughout the UK, based on the success and need of the original OXPIP model.

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