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Oxford Parent-Infant Project

Offering intensive therapeutic help to parents and babies in the first two years

"An invaluable support for parents needing help which enables
their children to get the best possible start in life."

"My therapist helped me to understand my relationship with my baby in a more positive way. Importantly I also was able to improve my relationship with myself which helped me to let go of some tricky feelings I was holding on to"

"I realised how much my anxiety was getting in the way of being Mum. I am actually able to enjoy my kids now instead of just worry about them and it feels amazing"

"Before, I would worry about everything. I would panic. I believed he hated me. Gradually, I’ve seen love in his eyes – for me. I believe in myself as his mum. I even know I can (will!) make mistakes. But we’re going to be better-than-OK"

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