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What We Do


We offer intensive therapeutic help to parents and infants in and around Oxfordshire, from conception to two years. This short-term parent-infant psychotherapy, a form of early intervention, considers the emotional health of the infant as well as that of the parent.


We work with parents and infants together to boost parental confidence and help the parents understand the needs of the baby. We do this using a variety of techniques:

  • Parent and infant sessions - working with a therapist, to explore current feelings and influences of past and present relationship issues
  • Parent Baby groups - supporting the development of a positive non-verbal relationship between the parent and baby. See our page on groups here
  • Watch, Wait and Wonder sessions - following the baby's lead, the parent can gain a greater understanding of what might be in their baby's mind
  • Video Interaction Guidance - using video to help parents build confidence to interact with and understand their baby.

All OXPIP therapists are professionally qualified as psychotherapists or counsellors with additional training in working with parents and infants. They receive regular supervision and are registered with a professional organisation and are bound by its Code of Ethics and Practice.


​We also offer training and consultancy to professionals on attachment theory and infant mental health, and work with others locally and nationally to promote the importance of very early intervention within policy and practice.


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