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Our Mission

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To provide therapeutic support for parents and infants from conception to two years who are in need of assistance to establish and build close and nurturing relationships.



To contribute to a more responsible and empathetic society through an intensive focus on positive early relationships and emotional wellbeing.


All our work is guided by our core values and competencies.



  • Relationships - A healthy parent-infant relationship and attachment forms the foundation for the child to learn and develop their emotional regulation skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities
  • Early Intervention - Early identification of relationship difficulties and timely intervention are effective for both improving individual outcomes and reducing costs to society both in the short and long term
  • Accessibility - Therapeutic support should be available to all parents, from conception to 2 years, who may need help to improve their relationship with their baby


  • Clinical Expertise - OXPIP therapists are all highly qualified therapists who draw on a wide range of interventions and are experienced in working to improve parent-infant relationships.
  • Knowledge and Experience - OXPIP was one of the founding parent-infant psychotherapy organisations in the UK and has in-depth knowledge and experience of working with parent and infant mental health in a wide range of settings, across a diverse group of clients and situations.
  • Training and Cascading Knowledge - OXPIP has strong expertise in explaining, communicating and sharing its clinical expertise with therapists and non-therapists to develop their capacity to support parent-infant relationships. We provide consultation to allied professionals.


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