Our Mission

  • To provide specialist therapeutic support, from conception to 2 years, for infants and  parents who are in need of assistance for issues such as establishing and building close nurturing relationships,  depression and anxiety, birth trauma, loss, or unresolved issues from parents’ own early lives

  • To work with professionals, policy makers and the general public to build awareness and support, and for the delivery of services for parent-infant attachment, and infant and parental mental health


Core values:

1) Relationships -

A healthy parent-infant relationship and attachment forms the foundation for the child to learn and develop their emotional regulation skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities.

2) Early Intervention - Early identification of relationship difficulties and preventative intervention are effective for both improving individual outcomes, and reducing cost to society in the short and long term.

3) Accessibility  - Therapeutic support should be available to all parents, from conception to 2 years, who may need help to improve their relationship with their baby.

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