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OXPIP Christmas Campaign 2021

Please make us your charity of choice this Christmas



We need your help to raise funds to enable us to meet the referral demands for our Parent-Infant Therapy services for families in Oxfordshire.

Sadly many families we see for Parent-Infant Therapy are struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic:

"I was really struggling with confidence and anxiety during the pandemic. I remember with my first baby I was out and about in the world so quickly after their  birth, but due to Lockdowns this wasn't the case second time around. As a result my confidence in my parenting skills was low. I was very anxious about taking my children out into the world after the Lockdowns, as it all felt like a scarier place.

However, my OXPIP Parent-Infant Therapy sessions allowed me to see my parenting through the eyes of my baby, rather than through all of the worries in my head. Changing this perspective made such a difference and gave me so much more faith that I wasn't doing a bad job after all"

- OXPIP Client

Your donation to OXPIP will help us to provide more referred families with the help and support they need this Christmas.


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