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There is strong evidence of the benefits of OXPIP’s work with positive impacts for individuals, families and the wider community. Parent-infant psychotherapy, a form of early intervention, considers the emotional health of the infant as well as that of the parent. From pre-birth to two years the baby’s brain grows at a phenomenal rate and interactions with adults are key to healthy development. By working on the relationship between parent and child, during the formative stages of brain development, many future problems can be prevented. These benefits impact on both current and future siblings from families seeing OXPIP, resulting in stronger families as well as children developing into happier, more emotionally resilient adults.


There is considerable evidence of the economic benefits of early interventions such as a reduction in demand on statutory health and social care provision, as well as the development of a happier society. Research shows that for every £1 spent on this type of early preventative work £9 is saved on future interventions. There is also a direct link between attachment and readiness for school - click here to find out more.

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I am so very grateful to OXPIP and my therapist who helped me after a very difficult first year following the birth of my second baby.


I approached OXPIP when my baby was 18 months old for support after extreme stress following a crisis in my marriage. I was feeling very low and lost and struggling with feelings of guilt around my lack of emotional availability for my baby when he was so small.


My therapist listened to my worries, as well as helped me to understand my relationship with my baby in a more positive way. She was also warm and friendly with my baby and he used to get excited about going to play with new toys each week! Although I couldn’t take my older child to the sessions, I found that the positive impacts of my sessions also helped me to improve my relationship with my older child too.


Importantly I also was able to improve my relationship with myself which helped me to let go of some tricky feelings I was holding on to.


Thank you OXPIP for all your help and support.


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