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Lecture: Joanna Tucker

How ‘Being With’ babies and their emotional experience helps them develop a secure sense of self: using Beebe’s micro-analysis of video interactions to inform how we can help parent-infant relationships

Time & Date:
25th September 2020
13.00 - 15.00

via Zoom

Joanna became passionate about the value of early intervention whilst a social worker in the field of child abuse. In 1999, a few years after completing her psychoanalytic psychotherapy training, she became involved with OXPIP. She has had various roles, including Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer, Infant Observation Seminar leader, Video Interaction Guidance supervisor, and Clinical Director. In October 2019 she almost entirely retired from OXPIP, but continues to enjoy doing some Consultation and Training for them.


She has been fascinated by the work of Beatrice Beebe and her colleagues since she first encountered it, and has attempted to incorporate many of Beebe’s ideas and uses of video into her own parent-infant psychotherapy and her training work. 


In this talk Joanna will use Beebe’s moment-by-moment video analysis of mother-infant interactions to demonstrate how a baby’s sense of self develops in the context of their earliest relationships, and how these relationships can already be on the path to serious derailment by the time a baby is 4 months old. In the plenary discussion there will be an opportunity to reflect on the talk and to discuss how we can intervene to help get parent-infant relationships back on track. 


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