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Online Lecture: Dana Shai

Using the Parental Embodied Mentalizing Assessment (PEMA) to Identify Embodied Risk and Protective Factors in the Parent-Infant Relationship. 


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Time & Date:
27th November 2020
13.00 - 15.00

via Zoom


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Dr. Shai will present an empirical and clinical overview of her work specializing in Parental Embodied Mentalizing (PEM; Shai & Belsky, 2011). PEM is a theoretical and clinical approach that focuses on the nonverbal relationship between parents and their children and on the parental capacity to understand the infant's mental state based on the infant’s whole-body kinesthetic expressions and how they adjust their own kinesthetic patterns accordingly (Shai & Belsky, 2011). Research shows that PEM predicts emotional, cognitive and social development and is associated with several parental factors as co-parenting and parental stress. PEMATM is a clinical assessment tool based on the study of PEM. It is used to measure frequencies of embodied protective and risk factors in high and low risk parent–infant dyads. Dana will provide an overview of parental mentalizing and introduce how PEMATM can be applied in clinical practice and research.The talk will be accompanied by videos.


Dana Shai, Ph.D., psychologist, is a faculty member at the Academic College Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel, and the director of the Study of Early Emotional Development (SEED) Center and Lab. Dr. Shai developed the Parental Embodied Mentalizing (PEM) coding system and assessment and has been leading world-wide collaborative research and delivers international talks and training programs on PEM for the last decade. Dr. Shai is interested in early interpersonal development, with particular interest in nonverbal interactive processes and parental embodied mentalizing (PEM). Dr. Shai also studies parenting, the transition to parenthood, coparental relationships and the child’s early social and emotional development within the family matrix. Dr. Shai completed her PhD in Psychology in 2011 at the University of London under the supervision of Profs. Jay Belsky and Peter Fonagy, and has a background in psychoanalytic developmental psychology, Dance Movement Therapy, and Philosophy.


"I love how much more accessible the online format is for anyone living outside Oxford. Although there are real benefits to face-to-face, I think many people are willing to accept the compromises in a new Covid world and also to see the unexpected bonuses of things like this moving online" - Previous OXPIP Online Lecture Attendee


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