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Running for OXPIP

Jon Gibbard

This year, Jon Gibbard, a local Oxfordshire dad, is aiming to raise over £3,500 for OXPIP by not only running the London Marathon, but also a 50 mile race two weeks before in September called the ‘Chiltern Wonderland’ in the beautiful Chilterns around Goring.


Jon is the Business Unit Director for Sustainable Infrastructure & Operations at Ricardo Energy & Environment, and an England Athletics Running CoachAfter doing 2 legs of the clipper round the world yacht race in 07-08, Jon wanted to run the marathon as his next adventure and was lucky to get a place in 2009. That was pre being a type 1 diabetic which he developed in 2012, so he wanted to prove to himself that his diabetes wouldn’t stop him running the marathon. 


"I definitely run to protect my own mental health and it has been a great way to catch-up with people throughout the pandemic running in pairs and getting out in nature. Whether you’ve never run before, have done couch to 5k or are just jogging or running to get moving then I think it can be absolutely brilliant to support resilience in these challenging times." 


Find out more about Jon and his story closer to the race!


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Speaking to Jon recently, we talked about motivation for running and Jon shared a few thoughts to help our supporters get out and get moving in the outdoors:

  • Create a habit, decide on a time of day to go out, I choose first thing, lay your kit out and don’t let anything get in your way. Set alarms and reminders if you need to. We’ve had some amazing sunrises over the last few weeks and this can really add to the motivation and experience
  • Listen to your body, walk, run, run-walk just get moving to start enjoying the great outdoors, a great play list, being in nature
  • Find a buddy, even in lockdown you can run with one other person locally, so take some time on your run to connect with a friend and get them to help you create the habit – you’ll be helping them too. Don’t worry if they are faster or slower, getting some company and ‘keeping up’ or ‘slowing down’ is really good
  • Choose new routes to keep things fresh and interesting
  • Join a running or athletics club, they are doing loads of activities, challenges and virtual sessions as well to keep things fun and interesting. If you are a member of a running club you can join the oxon virtual road league here. There are online events you can sign up to with medals and tshirts as well if you need the ‘bling’
  • If you like challenges, challenge yourself, a mile every day for a week, find a local hill and see you if you can do 250ft, 500ft or even 1000ft of hill reps, see how far you can go in 10, 20, 30 mins
  • Most of all: enjoy it! This is you time, a chance to unwind, relax, replenish your ‘tank’ and hopefully help you cope with the stresses and strains of whatever life is throwing at you

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