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London Marathon 2023 - Well done, Lori!


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Huge congratulations and thank you to Lori who ran the London Marathon for OXPIP!


"Well that’s a wrap! It was amazing! Definitely a mix of high highs and low lows, but I finished the London Marathon and I’ll never forget it! I can’t thank my hubby and friends enough who came out to cheer me on through the swarms of crowds with babies in tow. It was an incredible event with so much energy -spectators lining the streets the whole way!

To all of you who have already donated to OXPIP from near or far, THANK YOU! If you haven’t made your donation yet but would like to, there’s still time! Xx" - Lori


We asked Lori a few questions about running for OXPIP:


What is it about the work that OXPIP does that resonates with you?

I’ve learned firsthand with my own daughter how important attachment is between infant and parent and how it provides a foundation for healthy development and relationships in the long term. I always reflect on how lucky my daughter and I are to have safety and stability in our lives. My work as a nurse and nurse practitioner has opened my eyes to the unique struggles that some families face and their difficulties in finding resources to help them. I like that OXPIP offers a unique therapeutic approach to help parents bond with their babies and there is objective data to show that this therapy works. I also like that a key piece of OXPIP’s work is to offer specialized training to health professionals.


Do you find running elevates your mood and helps you to decompress during and after stressful situations?

100%. This is why I love running. More for the mental health benefits than the physical benefits.


Running has had a bit of a renaissance because of the COVID-19 pandemic, social restrictions and the acknowledgement that individually we should take responsibility for managing our own mental health and wellbeing in this context. How do you believe running improves a person's mental health and wellbeing and is it something a whole family (regardless of fitness levels!) can participate in?

I would say that running has benefited my mental health my entire adult life for a few reasons. It gets me outside breathing fresh air and in nature a few times a week, it can be social when I run with friends or running groups, but it can also offer me some “me” time when I need to clear my head or problem solve. Running has been a way for me to manage my weight and improve my sleep both of which improve my mental well-being, and finally, the act of setting running goals, being disciplined to follow training plans and achieving these goals has boosted my self-esteem on many occasions. I believe that running has the potential to be for anyone no matter their fitness level, but I think that participating in regular physical activity of any form, if it’s something you enjoy, will greatly improve one’s mental health.


Thank you to everyone who has donated already. Your donations will make a huge difference to parents and infants in Oxfordshire.


If you haven't donated yet, there is still time - please do so via the link below.


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