​5 reasons to support OXPIP:

  1. We want to make our services available to all those in need

  2. We are a small, local charity with limited resources

  3. We receive no government funding so your donations however big or small really do make a difference

  4. We are passionate about spreading the importance of working with parents and babies in these early stages of life

  5. We know that OXPIP's unique approach can and does help

There is a strong economic case for our work. 
The WAVE Trust has done extensive research which calculates that for every £1 invested in the early years, up to £9.20 is saved on future interventions.

(Wave Trust, Age of Opportunity report, 2013). 

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OXPIP  relies on and receives its funding from trusts, grants and charitable donations from individual and community donors. Without their generosity we would be unable to offer our parent-infant provision in Oxfordshire and we are continually thankful for their kind support. 


The COVID 19 Crisis - Our Urgent Request for Support

Unfortunately, many of our potential grant and funding streams have been placed on hold for the duration of this crisis. To continue our parent and infant support in these challenging times, we have created new ways of communicating to continue our therapy delivery and to support parents and infants in Oxfordshire. This includes virtual therapy programme sessions, 1:1 tele-support and dedicated phone helplines. These interim changes in our usual therapy and communication practices have highlighted the need for our therapists to have access to better technology. We immediately need additional IT technology which will also be used beyond the COVID-19 crisis to further complement our therapeutic work and to support parents and infants in need in Oxfordshire. 


Ways to Donate

We are very grateful for any donation (no matter how small) that you are able to make. There are a various ways that you can donate to us:


  • By completing this easy to use Online Form

  • By downloading this Donation Form to print, complete and return to us (please note that whilst we are working remotely there may be a delay on us collecting post)

  • Virgingiving: online donation where OXPIP is listed

  • Amazon Smile: donate whilst you shop (please contact us for set up information if required)

  • Maximising your donation with Gift Aid: when you complete your Donation Form and sign the Gift Aid declaration, we can claim an extra 25p from HMRC for every £1 you donate.

  • Matched Giving: your company may match the amount of fundraising you give to a registered charity, as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Please check with your employer if they will match your donations to OXPIP, by contacting your Human Resources or Payroll Department.

  • Leaving a Legacy: all legacies, no matter their size, make a real difference to the future of OXPIP. If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to OXPIP in confidence, please contact Alison Pexton, Development Manager at alison.pexton@oxpip.org.uk 


Joining Our OXPIP Supporters Community

We value the support we receive from our OXPIP community and would like to welcome more supporters:

  • Complete and return this form to receive our regular OXPIP Newsletters and invitations to our events

  • Become an OXPIP Ambassador: we welcome volunteers to help us raise awareness, encourage others to engage in our services and to help raise much-needed. Please contact us for more information

  • Become a Member of OXPIP: if you have a connection to OXPIP and are keen to support our aims and objectives, please apply to become a Member by contacting us initially for more information

Thank you for your support.

"My husband and I work so hard yet have very little of a  disposable income.
We would never have been able to access therapy had OXPIP not found me. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

"Thanks to OXPIP, I know what to do as I have been ‘given’ the tools to use. I dread to think where we would be with our relationship now if it wasn’t for OXPIP. One thousand ‘thank yous’ could never be enough"

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